Justice League


What a great movie as a DC comic fan this captured my attention.  Action was constant and the characters were intriguing.  Watching Wonder Woman kicking butt as she did in the original Wonder Woman movie gave me hope that women no matter the circumstances can still rise to the occasion, through hurt and heartbreak.  This is a movie that should be seen by all women to show that when duty calls our faith and heart for the human race is always at an all-time high to intervene so that evil cannot prevail.  Now here’s a woman who has lived

New Year 2018


This is a new year with an opportunity to think about everything differently.  My son sent me a wonderful way to think about the new year.  I’m going to embrace this throughout the year.

I’m walking into 2018 with a clear heart and mind

If you owe me, don’t worry about it – you’re welcome.

If you wronged me, it’s all good – a great lesson learned.

If you’re angry with me, you’ve won…If we aren’t Speaking,

its cool (I wish you well) and I want you to be GREAT.

If you feel I wronged you, and you have told everyone but me…

peace be onto you…

Life is too short for me to have the pent up anger, hurt, sadness

and holding grudges…

Here’s to 2018!!! 

Love to all

Our Christmas Letter

The 2017 Christmas Holiday season has been extremely good this year.  Reinventing one’s self and changing the way we do things is not only exhilarating it is liberating.  Instead of cooking the traditional meal which has been the ritual for umpteen years, it was good then, but now its time to pass the baton to the next generation.  Now, our turn to start enjoying and that is what thinking outside the box created this season.  Enjoy the journey to Ft. Lauderdale for a week at Mizner Place.  Mizner was relaxing and enjoyable and a wonderful place to vacation during the holidays or any other time of the year. 



First night there we went to Poc Grille and Buffet and enjoyed a plethora of appetizing and delectable dishes from the appetizer oyster/clam soup to the sushi, alligator tacos, crab legs and so much more. 


As the week progressed we went to the Cinema to see Justice League which was funny and suspenseful.  I’m a comic book junkie so this movie really kept you on edge to see if the good guys win.

We lounged and sat by the pool for a few days just being lazy.  Finally,  we decided to go to the Hard Rock and take our chances on the machines.  When what to my wondering eyes did appear but a $ slot machine not a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.  We did win, I won’t say how much, then we decided in the spirit of the season to give it all back. 


Last but not least there was an evening of sitting on the deck overlooking the lake at the Cigar Bar.  This was our holiday extravaganza and to say it was enjoyable is an understatement.  Enjoy our pics from the trip. 

However, we never forget the true Reason for the Season the birth of our Saviour.   All of the things we were able to do and enjoy is because of recognizing who has made it all possible.  This is called Aging with Grace and Elegance.   


Diversity is Love has no labels

Pro Bowl 2017 was an exciting event and one I will never forget and it was played on my birthday.  Now it doesn’t get any better than that, however, it did.  My husband and I first were selected to be in a Public Service Ad (PSA) and we were able to enjoy the Pro Bowl game.   How about that turn of events.  I would like to share that experience with my family and friends in the hope that you will enjoy it with us.  Keep in mind that there are no labels on Love.







Fences Review

We went to see the movie “Fences,”what a spectacular performance.  The actors Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, as well as the rest of the cast were phenomenal.  The theme was a period piece that is timeless running throughout cultures.  Although this is about an African American family in the 1950’s it touches all families who grow up poor and struggling to make a life for themselves and their children. 

I was asked by someone how did I like the story? I responded that I didn’t like it.  Why not was the next question?  I responded after a minute of thinking about the question.  I didn’t like the fact that he came home and dropped that bomb on his wife of 18 years that somebody else made him laugh and feel free.  Now, that’s all I’m going to say about the plot, however, after thinking about the movie I realized it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the movie, but I didn’t like the emotions it triggered in me. 

When I think about what a writer does in developing a story it is to Persuade, Inform or Entertain.  Fences did all of the above it informed about family life in the 1950’s.  The movie persuaded me and helped me to understand that the emotions invoked in me makes me realize as an adult because of their sacrifices, I did not have to tolerate or endure that type situation.  The entertainment factor was prevalent throughout the entire movie by keeping our attention and allowing the audience to relate to the characters on a deep emotional level from laughter, to anger, to sadness, to empathy, and most of all love.




In the wake of the shootings of black men by the police and the retaliation against police officers, as a nation, we must come together and start a dialogue that changes the perspective of how we treat one another. As a teacher I think about the individuals involved in these situations in their adolescent states. Each one of these children grew up and became adults that chose jobs and careers that would afford them the opportunity to become viable members of society, then circumstances altered that path.

Education is vitally important not just the academics but the social aspects that accompany being educated. The ability to build relationships with others in a positive and effective manner is the key to success. As a teacher I always attempt to treat students the way that I want to be treated with dignity and respect. We as a nation have become afraid of people who look different, come from a different economic, social status or sexual orientation, as not measuring up to our standards. As a special education teacher or whatever term is used in different environments (intervention specialist, VE/ESE) I see DIFFERENT every day. Students may be blind, deaf, physically disabled, speech impaired; some have reading or other learning disabilities, if it is not a physical disability that can be observed we don’t know.

In preparing our students and our own children for success we must open our minds to change which is always a difference in how we perceive situations and how others perceive those same situations. This will only occur when we start to talk to individuals that are different from us and listen and learn what they believe and why they believe that way. We must do this in order to find a solution to the violence, racism, bigotry and sexism that exist in our world today. Look around we are all different and we work in the same arenas. Remember, you never know what person may be the one to give you that last glass of water.  What views do you hold?

Peace my Friends,

Just a Thought

Pink Pin

This past week I received a message that an associate that I had the pleasure of knowing for the past five years had passed away. This was very sobering to me and it made me think about two years ago as we sat at lunch. She told me that she was concerned because she had a lump in her breast and was going to the doctor to have it checked. I asked when was her last mammogram and to my surprise she said she had never had one, (she was 64 years old at the time). I was shocked and immediately advised her that she should have one at least once a year. I encourage all of you to have a mammogram at least once a year. I knew she was nervous about her upcoming visit to the doctor. But, I encouraged her to go and we decided to keep the situation in prayer. Later she found that she was going to need chemo, which developed into having a double mastectomy, radiation and then reconstruction surgery all within the next two year. Subsequently she still didn’t make it.

Age 64 is too long to wait to have a mammogram. As a breast cancer survivor of 25 years, I am a firm believer that every woman age 30+ and sometimes younger depending on family history should self check and get a mammogram yearly. I am sincerely going to miss my friend with her beautiful smile and great humor. Breast cancer is something that as a society we must continue to fight as well as supporting the agencies that provide research. Here’s a poem I wrote for all those who have been in the battle.



After many years of training to become a man of war,

Off they go into the battle often returning with a scar.

The military has a slogan when it wants to bring you in,

The Marine Corp has a motto; we just need a few good men.

When the fighting is all over and the war comes to an end,

Then the soldier returns home so his life can begin to mend.

Parades and speeches, and many a testimonial,

Can all be put in the museum at the Smithsonian.

But, who is remembering the survivors we know,

The thousands of women who’ve survived and say so.

Survived what? You may say, as you begin to chatter,

Survivors of breast cancer that’s what’s the matter.

Since you’re a survivor, you know what I mean

The initial shock made you waver and lean.

But, the strength that we need we couldn’t get alone

So, we started by praying on our knees before the throne.

You took it each day, one day at a time,

One day was for crying, the next day you were fine.

Just like a soldier fighting in the wars

You came out triumphant with a few battle scars.

There are all types of training we can get in this life,

And most of it comes thru trouble, toil and strife.

When you look back over the past few years,

Remember you’re a survivor and God really cares.

MEP © February 9, 1995

How many of us have family and friends we have lost or who have fought through this terrible disease? Chat back. 



Christmas Beauty


Christmas has always been the most wonderful time of the year for me. I remember as a little girl the special times spent with family. As the years past the traditions continued with opening one present on Christmas Eve and eating sweet potato  pie and drinking eggnog. On Christmas morning we woke and sat around in our pajamas opening presents and eating a light breakfast of fruits and nuts.  The finishing touches were being put on the Christmas dinner by noon as the children played monopoly and chess. As Christmas Day fast approaches traditions are good, but making memories are better. Traditions may outgrow their meanings but memories that are built on love never outgrow their worth. So, one of my favorite memories is my mom reading the the biblical version of the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20, on Christmas Eve and then we sang Christmas carols.


To all my Family and Friends, Merry Christmas